BashTag Creative Process.:

BashTag Creative Process.:

Surfboards have come a long way in terms of style and function, from the heavy wooden boards of the past, to new, lightweight materials such as polyurethane and polyester foams. Surfing has become a popular extreme sport worldwide, more than 400,000 boards are made yearly. One brand that customizes surfboards is Bashtag.

Bashtag surf crafts are meticulously made from polyurethane, fiberglass cloth and resin. These custom boards are shaped to the exact prerequisites of the customer. They are light and made for high level of performance. Combination Of Speed, Power and Flow rail to rail.

Shaping the Blank

The creative process of making a surfboard begins with a blank. A blank is a roughly shaped polyurethane foam core with a split from nose to tail that has a wooden strip - stringer between the halves, glued and approximately 6mm wide.

ross Bashtag surfboards

 Ross Mershon 

It keeps the board strong, and reduces the risk of twisting and snapping. For custom shaped boards, the blank is shaped with the use of different hand-held tools. First, the rough board is sawed to the desired outline. Then an electric planer is used to take off the hard outer skin of the blank as well as any large areas that need to be removed. A rasping tool such as a Surform and sandpaper are used to finely shape the board, giving it the final shape. The last stage before glassing or laminating is spray painting with acrylic paint.

Glassing or Laminating


The process of laminating a surfboard begins by covering the whole board with woven fiberglass cloth. For short boards, a layer of cloth weighing 4 oz. for the bottom and 2 layers of the same weight for the deck. Long boards have more layers applied and often use the sturdier 6 oz. cloth. The board is then covered with fiberglass cloth and coated with polyester or Isothalic resin. The fins pulgs are attached during the resin coating but this also depends on the specifications of the customer. A coat of sand resin is applied and allowed to harden for the final shaping. The last stage of lamination is the application of resin gloss coat, polishing for the glossy finish.

Machine Shaped Surf Boards

Machine-made boards go through the process of shaping using a shaping machine. These are for the generically manufactured boards; all measurements and specifications are programmed into the machine. You can still choose the pre-designed models but these are limited to the designs programmed into the shaping machine. The machine-made surfboards are still light and can give high performance. Machine shaped boards are comparatively cheaper than custom surf crafts.

For high performing surfboards, look for @Bashtagsurf on instagram, all are made with tender loving care.

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